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Buddy and Cookie – the two clownish cockatoos!

By Jackie, Patrick and Brooke

We have two big Sulfer crested cockatoos. Buddy (Woofa), he is 18 months old. He was an unwanted pet to a pet shop where he was used as a shop mascot… , well looked after but unloved or wanted. So we took him in after paying the original owners a large sum of money… I didn’t care as I knew that I could do a much better job! And give him the love and attention that he needs!!! (we have only had him approx a year) and is a much happier little boy (bird)

Cookie came into my care about 7 years ago he is approx 32 years old.

Cookie has had a horrid life!! He started off with an elderly couple who had him for about 10 years, he was very loved and a big part of their family. The husband died and the wife had to go into a nursing home and was unable to look after him and he was given to her son to look after. What I can gather is that he put him in a cage and fed him and that was about it.

About 6 years later the son married, and his new wife hated birds and they decided that it was time to start a family and poor Cookie was again moved along to one of their neighbours……… Who after a while decided that a cockatoo wasn’t for them and sold him to a friend. (after 3 years of again in a cage and forgotten about)

This friend was a single woman who wanted a pet… She ended up living with a nasty horrid man who tormented, abused and bashed Cookie most days and thought that it was very amusing.  The next door neighbours saw what was going on and kidnapped Cookie one morning and brought him into a local vets where I was working.

Cookie had been kicked with steel capped boots to his chest cavity and had a massive hole in his chest with half his chest hanging out , blood was everywhere on him. I was horrified!! After a long consultation and a few x-rays the diagnosis was made…….

Because Cookie had no owner and would need a lot of on going care he would have to be put to sleep………

I was working just near his holding cage when he started talking to me and became my friend! After spending some time with him and knowing his life was shortly going to be over. I decided to take him home for one last night, he walked into my home all bandaged, as if he had been there before… He walked into my bedroom hopped up on to my bed and said”Night night Mummy” it was then that I decided that I would help him and that is what we did!!

Our little fighter has had 12 operations and is my hero!!

He is a real baby, he doesn’t have any feathers on his chest and has been known to pick at the operating site and make it bleed from time to time but he has that right after what he has been through! He wears a sock and he can be seen in some pretty bright and wonderful outfits

Cookie is so loveable he thinks that he is human! We keep him inside on a stand at night or my bed (most of the time)

He comes camping with us he rides on our motorcycles and enjoys going for a zoom on the boat and he loves the jet ski!! He comes to work everyday with me he picks up our 10year old daughter from school everyday with great excitement and loves our Boarder Collie dog “Issabell”. Patrick adores him! And is continually laughing!!!

Most of all he is MY HERO AND BEST FRIEND!!!

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