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My Ride Report – By Brookiiee (10 years old)

My Mum, Dad, Issabell our dog and Cookie our cockatoo went camping to a private property near Rocklyn with Mark, Darcy and Devo.

We got to the property around 11pm at night and we were met by Mark, Darcy and Devo at the front gate. Darcy got in the car with us to drive up to the main property and so did Devo he sat on my Mum and he made her really wet. My Dad had to let some air out of our car tyre’s to help us get through all of the mud tracks.

My Dad Patrick set up our camper and put up the annex’s, My Mum Jackie and I sat around the fire because it was cold.

We all talked around the camp fire and Darcy and I played our DS’s, we didn’t go to bed until 4am. Darcy and I slept in the bunk house, my dad put my swag on one of the bunk beds and Devo got in and slept with me. Issabell slept on the floor.

We got up about 10am we had breakfast and put on our motorbike gear, we put our lunch, water and snacks in our backpacks and we left to go riding and exploring!

We rode to some mineral springs and we stopped for lunch. Then we rode through some river crossings they were deep but heaps of fun! My Dad taught us how to ride and get over some really big logs.

Darcy and I loved riding through the middle of the puddles on the tracks; we found some really deep ones that filled my boots full of water!!!

We went over some bridges, we weaved through some tight single trails, and we went up and down some steep hills.

Darcy’s chain came off his bike and my Dad showed us how to fix it with his tools.

There were lots of logs, hills and lots of puddles. It rained, it hailed, there was sleet and there was a tiny bit of sun.

I attempted a hill that I couldn’t get up, Darcy was helping me but I couldn’t get up it. My Dad came and told me that I had a flat rear tyre and that the wheel was spinning on the rim. We pushed my bike up the hill and we decided that I would keep riding because it was getting dark.

It got dark really quickly and very cold, we only had about 5 km to ride to get back to our camp, we were on the property but Mark told us that we were lost….

My chain decided to come off as well. So now I had my PW80 with a flat tyre, a chain off, we were lost, it was dark, and it was now freezing cold, my boots were full of water and my feet I couldn’t feel because they were so cold.  All my Mum could do was laugh and giggle, she kept laughing and so did Mark! Darcy and I didn’t understand what was so funny???? And I still don’t understand it…. Mum says that it better to laugh than to cry…… She was laughing so much that she was crying so that didn’t make a lot of sense to Darcy and I either.

My Dad fixed the chain on my bike. Mark got out his GPS and started to ride his way out. The problem was Darcy and I did not have head lights on our bikes. Mark the ride leader, had a light on his bike, Darcy and I rode side by side, my Mum and Dad riding with headlights on their bikes behind us to light up the tracks so that we could see.

We made it back to camp after a big day or riding 60km of slippery and muddy tracks. We were all really cold and I was very wet, my boots were full of water and I was muddy!!!! It was FREEZING COLD!!!!!

We got changed and I jumped into my Mum and Dads bed in the camper with the heater on until I warmed up.

I got out of the camper and went to sit around the fire; it was raining and still very cold. We ate our dinner and Mark cooked some special yummy cheese with lemon juice on it and also some chicken wings that were really good!

Darcy and I were really tired and we went to bed at 9:30pm and talked for a little bit then fell asleep.

We woke up to snow! It was snowing and it was really pretty but still cold. We packed up in the rain and the snow and we drove home.

I had a FANTASTIC WEEKEND and a big huge thank you to Mark and Darcy for a great fun awesome time!

I can’t wait to go again!!


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