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The Katherine Diaries – Part One: 1984 -1987

April 7th, 2010 · No Comments

Recently I stumbled upon my diaries from age 11 – 20 stashed away in my old keepsake boxes.  Curious to re-discover my youthful thoughts and secrets, I plonked myself down on my beanbag.  After thumbing through a few pages, the addiction kicked in and I found myself spending days wading through pages of my self-centred and boy crazy thoughts.  Sometimes I would laugh but mostly I cringed with embarrassment.  Nevertheless I pushed on and even found the courage to share my most embarrassing entries with my partner Julian (who understandably gave me the most disturbing looks each time I would read out a humiliating paragraph).

Although my diary entries are cringe-making, they captured moments that I would otherwise not have remembered and I am grateful that I wrote them.  In my younger days I would have rather let Satan extract my nails and teeth with one by one with pliers than let anyone know my secrets, thoughts and feelings but now with the distance of time I have absolutely no problem with sharing my most private thoughts from my world many years ago. (but I better do it quickly before I change my mind!).

And so the humiliating journey begins…..

1984  (11 years old)  The pre-boy years
The front and back of my diary is scribbled with nonsense like ‘this diary is messy because I do a lot of mistakes’.  I also see that I have crushes on ‘Boy George’ and ‘George Michael’ .. Obviously I have some understanding about the term ‘gay’  because I insist that ‘Boy George is not gay but Marilyn is’. Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and Rob Lowe get a mention as well.  In regard to my favourite football team –  well to sum it up quite eloquently ”Collingwood are the best, chuck out the rest’.

Fascinating how my entries are so factual, I provide descriptions of how my days played out including from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed- absolutely riveting stuff!  I am surprised I don’t mention how many toilet stops I take during the day!   My punctuation is absolutely appalling – it seems I have not discovered the art of using apostrophes or commas as yet and to think my favourite subject was English!  Shame on me.

1 January
We went to a lady who cooked and we ate everything.  I played a bit with a dog named Astro, he was good.  Then we left and came home. I went to bed at 11.30.  It was fun.
5 January
We went out to these peoples house and ate they have got a vidio (sic) and we saw a bit of Raiders of the Lost Ark but Carol put the Beatles Story on.  That was pretty good.  That was a nice day.
23 January
I watched the Restless Years.  Then I put on music and danced in the lounge room.  I played barbies.
25 January
Mum went to work.  And I stayed home.  Then I watched cricket.  I got my monopoly cards out (Piccadilly for yellow) and (Bond for Green) and used them as Australian flags.
1 February
First day of school. I am in grade 6R.  It was fun.  I played with Maria Kovacks.
2 February
I went to school and got a badge for red house.  It said Vice-Captain.
3 February
I went to school and played with Maria.  In class we had to sit next to some boys.  Maria cried because she had read a dirty book.
12  February
It was my birthday.  We went to McDonalds.  Dad took my budgie Bluey to the vet.  Dad said Bluey might die.
13 February
In the morning I found Bluey dead.  I cried and cried.  I cried a bit at school too.  But then I got over it.
17 February
I went to school.  In the afternoon Clayton North came to our school.  Some girls including me played softball.  They killed us 32 to 2.  We never had practise (sic).  But after our coach teached us (sic).
19 February
I went to a pool party.  It was terrific.  They had a dog called Pepi and a cat called Tiger.
21 February
I went swimming.  I was in group 3B.  After that I went to ballet.  Then I went to dad.  I had to finish my  project.  He put on a video tape about a bird that ate people alive.  The movie was really about my budgie.
3 March
I watched a really scary movie with my cousins called Evil Dead.  I was very scared.
16 March
We had interschool sports today.  Clayton primary school won 9 to 8 but we think they cheated.  We were meant to be 10 and them 8.  That is not fair.
23 March
I went to Greek School a boy chased me and I hated him. Then I went to Myers with my mum and I spilled my coke on the floor a bit.
9 May
I saw Footloose for the second time.  I love that movie it is ace.  Kevin Bacon is a spunk.  I slept at my friends house.
1 May
My dad would not let me go to my friends slumber party.  He said no and I started crying and I went to bed not talking to my mum.
25 September
I broke up with Michelle, Tania and Maria because they said they wanted to go the dunny and ran away.  Me and Kathy got in a stink.  I told Michelle that she thought she was the top dog from all of us.  She never wanted to be our friends again.
26 September
Made friends with Tania and Maria. But not Michelle.
27 September
Listened to a tape at school called War of the Worlds about marsions (sic) invading earth.  It was ace.
28 September
Listened to the rest of the War of the World.  I made friends with Michelle again and we also watched War of the Worlds.  We played British bulldogs and rounders.
2 November
I noticed that Charlies feathers were falling out a lot. My friend told me that he needed more vitamins so I gave him apple and silverbeet.
21 November
I got trophys and ribbons for inter school sports.  I was very happy because I really like playing sports and running.
25 December
Merry Christmas.  Got stack of presents.  Went for a ride to lots of different beaches.

Jazz Ballet Days

Me and my pal Charlie the budgie

Oh how I loved my Donkey Kong Nintendo Game and Watch

Check out my red velour outfit

Me and mum just hanging out

1985 (12 years old) ‘Hunk’s and ‘Spunks’
At the age of 12, my diary remains factual but I start to notice two new words have been introduced into my vocabulary – ‘hunk’ and spunk’.  My writing is maturing somewhat with the introduction of the occasional coma and exclamation mark – particularly after the use of the word spunk or hunk!

Ah the mid 80’s – how can I forget my  obsession with lace, neon tops  socks and black rubber ‘jelly gummy’ bangles (thanks to Madonna).  Oh not to mention my first year of high school at Huntingdale High where I learnt how to go ‘spunk hunting’ – clearly I had a top class education.

1 January
We are staying at a holiday house in Rye which is great fun. At lunch time we went outside to eat lamb for New Years day and Con was there.  Con is a spunk!  We all went to the beach, I liked it because I got a nice tan.
2 January
Me and Simon played murder in the dark.  We watched the Elephant Man – then my mum farted three times and pissed herself laughing in front of everyone.
4 January
I went to a wavy beach with mum and when we came back Con and his mates came from the beach and gave me a huge fright when he knocked on our window and I screamed my head off.  We had to pack most of our things because we were leaving the next day.  Drat I don’t want to leave Con.
6 January
Mum came in to tidy my room and chuck all my bad clothes out (while my radio was on) and I was TRYING to listen to tape good songs from the radio but I never got the start of the songs.
11 January
I went to Mandy’s house, she wanted to sleep at my house.  Her little cousin came, she is a pain in the neck.  We went for a walk later, this black man in a car waved at us and stopped his car and we ran away down the street into the pet shop until he left.
13 January
Went to the beach to check out the hunks, we bought some ice-creams and some guys were spunky.  This guy kept looking at me, he was nice – that was a good day for me.  I had ace fun.
15 January
Olga came over, we mucked around and played monopoly, hiding the monopoly money, blind man’s bluff, bobbing for apples, ludo and jacks.    When she left I went outside to sunbake and came back inside to tape some good songs from the radio.  I only got to tape one song.
18 January
Olga came over and we played hide the jacks.  Before she went home she told me she could get Cons address and telephone number from a girl she knew.  We posted a love letter to a boy she liked called Michael.  On the weekend she was going to call Con and tell him that I liked him.
22 January
Olga came over today with another girl called Michelle who I hate.  I was bored later so I sat outside waiting for my granny to come back from the shops.  She came back late.  I was watching these two spunks fixing the house across the road.
30 January
I was in my room all day trying to tape ‘Do they know it’s Christmas Time’ from the radio and didn’t have much luck, I tried on my favourite outfit with my pink fluorescent socks and black Madonna bangles.
31 January
In the morning I went to get my uniform for Huntingdale High School, I am going to start high school soon.  Then we went to pick up my text books.   I spent the afternoon tidying my room and reading my books for high school.
5 February
It was my first day of high school.  I had Mr Chibert from Maths – he was really BAD.  Then English, lunch, Greek, Geography. I have trouble closing my locker and keep asking my friend to help me.  We did not do much work on the first day fortunately.   I went spunk hunting with my friends.
12 February
I went to school,  it was my birthday today and I got lots of birthday bonkers on my arm.   Mum gave me $10 and I went to my first ballet class for the year.
18 February
Drama and English  are my favourite subjects.  I got into trouble in Maths class and had to write all my timetables up to 12×12 7 TIMES!  Would you believe it, naughty me.
23 February
If you notice this notice you will notice that this notice is not worth noticing.
24 February
I was here, here I was, was I here, yes I was.

I loved my black lace but there is no excuse for that hair style!

Another jazz ballet event – gotta love that hair

At the age of 12 I am already taller than my mum – but still the bad hair continues

1987 (14 years old) The ‘mod’ years.
At the age of 14, I was clearly on way to being an annoying teen.  Boys were on my mind right after  my number one interest – me, me and me.  After my love affair with all things neon and lace was over,  I became obsessed with dressing like a ‘mod’, anyone that didn’t dress like a mod was a bogan. My clothes were 90% black,  and were supported by a black pair of converse runners which I loved, grandpa tops, faded jeans, black shoes with shiny buckles.  I thought I was very stylish and cool –  I even wore my grandmother’s dress and thought that was so cool but looking back now it was really ‘so embarrassing!’ Surfie guys were known as ‘Skegs’  and they were on my hot list!

I changed schools in Year 9 – it was a difficult transition going from a co-ed state school to an all girls catholic college.  Not only were the rules and regulations strange but the whole Catholic thing never made sense to me.  All the girls used to carry around brown paper lunch bags or lunch boxes.  No one would ever be caught dead at Huntingdale High with a brown paper bag or lunch box.

13 January
Went to the beach with Eff, Alex, mum and some of her friends.  Eff and I went to the shops to get some sun tan lotion and on the way back three guys rode past on their bikes, the best looking one looked back at me so I looked at him.  He asked me how I was, I said I was good.    Later on Eff and I went for another walk, we saw them again, the good looking one smiled at me so I smiled back.  On the way back I saw him put his top up when he saw me so I laughed.  Then 10  minutes later they walked past us, he kept looking back so I waved and he waved back and smiled.  Then we walked their way and noticed they seemed to be looking for something.  Then he smiled at me.  He was absolutely gorgeous, tall, tanned skin, light brown hair with blue eyes.  He said he lost his key and asked us to help look for it.  He did not find it, so he asked us our names.  His name was Christian and he was checking me out badly.  Then he said he was walking the same way and asked if he could walk with us.  I didn’t think and said no.  I could have killed myself!  I should have asked him if he was coming to the beach tomorrow, I was such an idiot.
16 January
I went to visit some family friends and we talked the whole afternoon about different things, real life horror stories, guys, smoking, drugs, the lot.  I went shopping with mum to buy some clothes for a christening tomorrow.  I bought a black mini skirt, a purple grandpa top, purple socks and black shoes with gold square buckles.
5 February
It was my first day of my new school today at Sacred Heart Girls College.  I actually did not feel nervous at all until mum’s car did not start so the neighbour had to take me to school. I hated it from the moment I got there, I made a few friends, the girls seemed friendly enough but everything felt so weird and I just wanted to go back to Huntingdale High.  When I got home I cried and cried.  My best friend Tonka rang and filled me in with all the details at Huntingdale.  This made me feel even worse.  Sandra called me later, this made me officially depressed.
6 February
I had drama which I usually love but it was shit.  The day was not as bad as yesterday though.  I got lost once when I could not find my maths class, I also had a typing lesson which I found hard.  I miss everyone though and the school has so many strict rules and codes.
9 February
After school I rang a friend up who happens to know Christian, the guy I met a few weeks ago at the beach.  She gave me his surname so I looked him up in the phone book and rang him.  He couldn’t believe I had found his number, we talked for a while and he asked me to call him again.
10 February
I burnt my toast in home economics today.  After school I told my friend Sandra that I want to have a big  party on Saturday night for my birthday.  Mum said I could so I am planning to ring Christian tomorrow and ask him to come along.
11 February
After school I rang Christian and he said he would come to my party, then my friend Tonka said that Vince, another guy she knows likes me so I told her to invite him as well.  Phew guys everywhere.
21 February
I got ready for my party in the afternoon, well most people turned up but Christian didn’t.  Vince did and I really like him but then my stupid friend Darlene opened her mouth and said that I had bad taste in guys.  Vince heard her and got upset and said he had to leave.  My friend  Tonka knows him well so she went outside to see what was wrong, he told her he likes me but is really upset with Darlene.  I really wanted him to come back.  My party did not turn out well at all.
25 February
Went to school camp at Bacchus Marsh, at night we couldn’t get to sleep, we were all laughing and got in trouble when the Sister told us off really badly!  I took lots of photos.  I met a new group  of friends, Sharon, Simone, Amanda, Helena, Georgina and Christine.  I am going to hang out with them.
2 March
I got Vince’s phone number from my friend Tonka and when I rang,  he just hung up on me.  I don’t understand what I have done wrong, it was not my fault my friend opened her big mouth, I still liked him.  Oh well.
4 March
A friend of mine at school told me that Vince hung up on me because he does not like talking to girls on the phone.  I think that is bullshit though.  On the bus on the way home from school there were some girls who thought they were tough shit.  One told Aileen to move her bag and threatened us by saying they put two girls like us in hospital.  They called us ‘brown cows’ because of our brown uniforms and so forth.
5 March
After school, the girls were on the bus again and tried to hit Aileen in the subway, this time they had more friends with them and they all stated calling us rude names.  I felt scared and embarrassed, it was time to take action!
6 March
In the morning we went to Mrs Mackie and told her about our problem on the bus.  She sent us to Mrs Visintene who then sent us to the Vice- Principal Mrs O’ Toole.  We had a long talk and she told us that our parents should ring the bus company and complain, they would take action if they received a few complaints.  Thankfully we did not have to face them afterschool, they were not there.
20 March
I went searching for a pair of converse runners in the city but most stores did not have them in stock yet.  The ones that had them only had smaller or larger sizes.  I really want a pair of black converse runners.
23 March
Our principal was hiding in the subway waiting to catch us walking more than 2 abreast on the sidewalk. I got in trouble along with two other girls for walking 3 abreast.  We got called into his office tomorrow morning, I was very mad because I wasn’t even walking 3 abreast!
24 March
I was scared about the meeting with the Principal.  We arrived at his office and waited for about 15 minutes.  He was in a good mood so  he let us off with a warning.  As soon as we left his office we started laughing our heads off!
27  March
I bought a pair of faded jeans and  a pair of – get ready for it, yes folks, a pair of black converse runners!!
30 March
New P.E teacher at school, she is blonde. Why are all P.E teacher blonde?  It must be a rule.
18 April
I went to the city and got a heart attack when I saw there was a skateboard competition in Burke Street.  There were about 15 gorgeous skegs with their skateboards.  Yum.
25 April
We had a surprise party for my dad.  Later Eff and Alex and me decided to go knick-knocking on doors which was a terrible mistake.  After we had knocked and run away from 2 houses, we decided to knock on a house on a corner of the street.  I ran up the stairs and knocked and then we all ran around the corner for a few minutes and then decided to go and knock on someone else’s door. As we turned the corner we saw that all the lights had come on at the house we had just knocked on and there was a man looking out his window, so we began to walk fast and walked right past Eff’s house and Alex turned back and said Oh my God he is following us.  So we began to walk even faster and turned into a block of flats.  As soon as we were out of sight we ran into someone’s open garage and hid in there.  My heart was beating so fast!  After 10 minutes we checked to see if he was there – no sign of him so we ran home.  Our parents were looking for  us so we told them that there was someone following us but we left the knick-knocking part out of the story!
8 May
Mum took Eff and I shopping to buy some wedding clothes but we could not find anything we liked and mum was getting very mad and fed up so Effie and I found something very quickly or else mum told us she would pick something out for us!  I am wearing all black, black skirt, black top, black shoes and black stockings.  I am going to wear a big black and white bow in my hair.
13 May
I got my maths test back and go 29/40 which is such an improvement, my maths has not been going so well lately.
30 May
I was meant to being doing the 40 hour famine but I ate things!
27 May
Back to school this week, there was a mass in the church which I thought was funny.  I am still not use to all this Catholic school stuff.  Then we had a hair and uniform inspection, we are not supposed to have our hair hanging all of our faces or are we allowed to have colour  in our hair.  We are not able to have more than one pair of earring and they have to be gold or silver studs or small sleepers they are  not allowed to be dangly and trendy.    They are also strict with uniform lengths, your skirt is not supposed to be higher than your knees.  Gee things were so different at Huntingdale High – the girls always wore their skirts very short!
1 June
At school we did more Catholic stuff, we watched a program called Chastity Before Marriage.  I thought it was crap.  I think people should be entitled to make their own minds about having sex before marriage.   What if you are 40 and are not  married – are people supposed to wait that long!
2 June
My friend Melissa from Huntingdale asked me to come to a blue light disco, when I asked mum she said no but I am not giving up so I am going to ask Dad.
3 June
I asked Dad about going to the blue light disco, instead of saying yes Dad gave me a big lecture telling me there are bad people at discos.  I told him there were police supervising but he still said no so I got mad.
5 June
I sat down to prepare a speech for mum giving her all the reasons why I should be allowed to go to the Blue Light after all I am very responsible and I don’t do anything bad but before I got a chance to tell her, Melissa rang and wanted my mum to speak to her mum.  After the phone call, mum said I could go, Melissa’s mum had convinced her!
6 June
I got dressed in my mod clothes, black converse, black and white knee high socks, black grandpa top and my jeans. The disco was packed and I nearly suffocated waiting in the line.  They had to body check us before we were allowed to go in.  My friends Tonka, Janet and Sandra were there and they all had flannelette shirts on and looked like Bogans.  Overall we had a good night and had a dance.
18 June
I rang Tonka to tell her I am coming to see her at Huntingdale tomorrow as I have curriculum day tomorrow but she said she was wagging school to go hang out with Janet and her boyfriend.  I did not want to go because Janet’s boyfriend is a real Bogan – a head banger and he hates mods.
22 June
I made up a poem today in class when I was bored.
Birds fly, people don’t
Pigs eat rubber goats
Cats meow, dogs dont
Porky’s feet  smell gross
26 June
First day of school holidays so I caught the bus to go to Huntingdale High as they are not on holidays as yet.  I felt embarrassed as everyone was staring at me, I think it was my clothes, then all these guys from my old form started yelling out ‘mod’ and I was more embarrassed and wanted to leave but Sandra made me stay and I stayed in the back of the class for 5th period, this was so embarrassing!
29 June
My nose started bleeding and it got so heavy that I had to go to the doctors.  It wouldn’t stop bleeding.  The doctor told me I may have a weak  blood vessel, it took ages to stop and I felt scared.
2 July
I have decided that I would like a part time job so I can earn some money to buy stuff because I feel bad asking mum for money all the time.  I went into a small bakery they took my details down and I went into Venture to fill  in an application form.
6 July
I had to go into the city to pick up my glasses with my grandma.  I decided that I would wear one of her dresses because it is a mod look.  I wanted to hurry up and come home because I didn’t want to be with her, she took me into daggy shops – so embarrassing!
12 July
My room is a pig sty, so I decided it needed a thorough cleaning and I vacuumed in every corner and tidied everything.  It took me 8 hours so I was very tired when I finished and went to bed early.
29 July
Kevin is gorgeous,  a spunk, a hunk,  sooooo cute, handsome, unreal and more!
14 August
What a day!  Firstly Helena and I had a play fight on the bus but everyone thought it was a real fight, we were just mucking around.  Then at homeroom Sharon and I were hitting each other with rulers and I broke Amanda’s ruler.  Then on the way to the train station I borrowed Joanne’s ruler to hit Sharon and then I broke her ruler.  Then we were all really noisy at the train station and started to act like idiots and I saw Sister Julianna frowning at us but my friends did not believe me so they starting yelling more.  I went to Chadstone with Eff at 6 pm but we had a black out and I could not fix my hair properly so it must have looked bad at Chadstone.
20 August
After school at the train station I noticed a group of guys, one in particular looked like Vince – that guy I used to like who got angry at my party and never spoke to me again.  Anyway, I wasn’t sure it was him until he gave me the dirtiest look I’ve ever seen so I knew it was him so I turned my back on him and my friends kept telling me he could not keep his eyes off me so when I turned to look at him , he was giving me a poisonous look.  Boy I felt like bashing his head in! What is his problem?  I didn’t do anything to him.  I really don’t get it.
27 August
School is a bore, life is a bore (sometimes), my love life is a bore, my budgies are a bore, everything is a BORE.
28 August
My friends and I decided to go see a movie tonight so I went home feeling in a good mood, but then I saw Vince at the train station which put me in a bad mood.  He was talking to some girl and then tried to get my attention when he saw me – like I care!  Seriously what a dipstick.  Then my dear mother would not let me go the movies so we had a huge fight, she wanted me to come to Chadstone with her but I wouldn’t go, so she got in the car and started beeping her horn and came back in the house and begged me to come and I said no again.  10 minutes later I got a call from her friend Voula telling me that mum was at her house and was upset that we had a fight and she wanted to come pick me up.  I said no again even though I felt mean.
3 September
Mum had decided she wants to get fit and wanted to drag me along to jog with her even though I was reluctant to go with her.  I was so embarrassed when a bunch of guys laughed at us, then we got caught out in the rain – we got absolutely drenched.  I was so angry.
6 September
Dad came to pick me up for Father’s Day.  On the way home we saw a rabbit crawling on the road, his back legs were crushed and mutilated so it was dragging on its front paws.  I was so upset and we tried to help it but it was too scared.   I was so sad and cried myself to sleep.
11 September
School term is nearly finished, only 3 days to go but who is counting!  I went to Melissa’s slumber party.  We watched 3 horror movies, one was stupid, the second one was funny but the last one Demons was the best!  I love horror movies.  We had the best night and talked all night.
1 October
Lately all Eff talks about is food, she has been on a diet and cant stop talking about food, it’s been going on for a month now, she always wants this and that and every time we go to the shops she spends all her time in the food area.  I don’t get it.
22 October
I went shopping with Eff to buy food for her mum’s birthday party, she said she was breaking her diet just for this.  We bought so much junk food, Effie wouldn’t stop and overbought food. We ate so much junk that we made ourselves sick.
15 November
I went to a teenage mind powers course- it was fabulous.  They teach you how to be confident and think positive.  I met lots of people and had lots of fun.  I can’t wait to go back next Sunday.
21 November
I was nervous, it was my ballet concert tonight and all my friends were coming so I tried to think positive.  Thank God it turned out well and I didn’t make any mistakes!  I have to focus on my studies now that the concert is out of the way, I  have been spending too much time practicing  my dance movies and not enough time studying for my exams. I am worried about maths, I hate maths.
3 December
Got our Science exam back -got 70% which is a B – Yippy. Got geography exam back – got 50% – Boo.  Got religion exam back – got 82% which is an A but who cares about religion anyway  – Boo.  That night we went to a restaurant, we met some people including three guys called George, Con and Con.  George and Con are brothers and can’t speak much English.  The other Con is very smart, rich and ambitious with excellent table manners.
14 December
I wrapped some presents and put them under the Christmas tree but it doesn’t feel like Xmas- every year the Xmas spirit seem to be fading.
19 December
We had a Xmas party at my friend Caroline’s house, we stuffed ourselves with junk and went for a walk to the Clarinda shopping centre.  Sharon jumped in a shopping trolley and Georgina took her for a ride but let go of the handle and Sharon went rolling away in the trolley and it tipped over and Sharon flew out – it was son funny!  On the way  back we bumped into a huge bunch of bogan guys – about 20 guys and they started to tease us about our clothes, one of the guys knew Sharon but she ignored him., then they yelled out ‘mods suck’, we made the mistake of yelling back ‘bogans suck’.  They got mad and chucked rubbish and bottles at us.  All of a sudden I  heard one guy yell out ‘DIE’ and turned back to see the group of 20 start to chase us.  I yelled out ‘RUN’ so we bolted as fast as we could all the way back to Caroline’s house and locked the door and collapsed on the floor terrified and out of breath.  We settled down to watch a video but we were all jumpy so we kept looking out the window but no one was there.  We told ghost stories, which led to discussions about God, the Devil, this led on to bad things like murder, child molesters and other bad things going on this world of shit.
25 December
Merry Xmas!  Got up to open my presents but it was 9.30 before mum got up so I waited for her.  I got heaps of great presents including a fantastic present from my mum.  We spent the day at mum’s uncle and auntie’s house in Dromana and in the afternoon I went to see my dad and cousins.  I had a great day, overall I got some great presents and $145  -wow!

This is the last phase of my neon look –  I used to love this t-shirt.

Year 9 School Camp

My cousin Anna – left of me and my step sister Eff – right of me, Steve my other cousin -far right (love the shorts Steve!)

I became obsessed with wearing black – me and Rambo Jambo

Stay tuned for the next round of the Katherine Diaries: ‘The Obsession Years’ when I become totally obsessed with a guy… for three years.

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